Monday, December 3, 2007

Day +188

Here I sit, all by myself, none the worse for wear. I managed to survive the raw meat weekend with no discernible damage. Dixie is at work and Chris is out getting the truck's windshield repaired. We were savaged by a large rock on the interstate yesterday and it left a big enough spider web crack that he thought it best to have repaired immediately. We had another incident with a rock in Houston that left a small chip in the windshield that we kept forgetting to get fixed. Strangely enough, they always land on the passenger side of the car while I'm riding in it. I believe I'm working with good karma, but bad mojo, so Chris will be buying all future raffle/lottery tickets.

Dixie's poor cat is stuck inside with me. She's a great big fluffy girl who likes to roll around in the leaves outside and watch birds. Unfortunately, the next door neighbor caught her sitting on the hood of his truck and had a very loud melt down the other day. I won't repeat what I heard him say (I was actually inside the house and it was like he was screaming next to me) but PETA would be sitting in his front yard with cans of red paint if they'd heard it. So, the Gregory household has yet another shut in. Poor Pez.

I'm still on the baking kick and Dixie is only feeding my habit. She came back from the store with 4 bars of dark gourmet chocolate yesterday. We both saw a recipe for chocolate dipped shortbread cookies in a magazine and I'm thinking that it's next in the line up. At the rate I'm going, I'll be back to my pre-cancer weight in no time. I actually think I'll exceed it at the rate I'm going.

I've had just about all of the "normal" excitement that I can stand after this weekend. Granted, non-medical drama is preferable to being hooked up to IV poles and having to ask for showers while trapped in a hospital. Speaking of hospitals, it's undergoing renovations right now to add a few more floors. This is great news, since they were always short on beds. On the other hand, I'm glad I'm not currently a patient. It's probably pretty noisy, and there's only so much construction dust that the hepa filters can get out of the air.

I'm off to feed myself and then I'll probably start baking.



someonewhocares said...

Just stopping in to say hello and tell you that you and Chris are always in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for normalcy! I'm happy to hear that things have settled down and you did fine with the food issue. That shows a strengthing immune system!

To give you peace of mind, I think you were subconsciously aware of the possibility of uncooked food because you discovered that piece BEFORE you ate it!

A suggestion: Anytime you do take-out, stick it in the microwave and nuke it for a minute. That'll eliminate the undercooked food problem and you won't have to be afraid anymore.

Love and Prayers from out West.

pj said...


Do you speak protuguese?

pj said...

I mean, portuguese?

Chris said...

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