Saturday, December 1, 2007

All Clear

Day + 186 Update

OK so we got the call back from Ann's transplant Doctor back in Houston. Long story short she said "don't panic". She reassured me that the under-cooked beef will probably not cause a problem, and we didn't have to start Ann on antibiotics or rush her to the hospital for a stomach pump. I was prepared for either of those if need be.

She also told me that because Ann s on a prograf taper her immune system is not fully suppressed. So she's not totally defenseless to any bugs she might run into, but just keep an eye on her just to be sure. Ann is scheduled (unless something else happens) to stop taking her Prograf when we go back to MDA the middle of this month for her check up.

OK so now I will try to relax and see if I can pry my fingers out of the ceiling without leaving claw marks.


Paige said...

Wow, I can't believe the cook was that careless! I would've been so mad! You're strong, Ann, don't be scared of undercooked meat!

Nancy said...

I would've panicked, too. But, your immune system is stronger than mine... just look at your counts!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything will continue to be fine. (just a lil hint: when I started to eat take-out food, I cooked it again at home before I sat down to eat it.) I know that's super paranoid of me, but my counts still haven't normalized (whatever that is) and I'm still on a lot of prograf. Take care & thanks for the phone call. love, nancy

Carilou said...

I'm sure all the sugar you're having will counteract any meat cooties. You're fine.