Friday, July 27, 2007



I just got off the phone with my transplant doctor and he had the preliminary results of my bone marrow biopsy. It showed 3% blasts in my marrow. A normal healthy person will show between 0%-5% blasts in their marrow at any given time. He told me not to worry since everything else looked normal. Great news! I haven't relapsed.

Chris is slowly winding down. Poor guy has been so worried about me all week, I'm sure this news was a pleasant shock to the system. We can enjoy our weekend off from clinic with clear minds. No more fear induced paralysis.

Now, I'm off to make a few phone calls to spread the good news. :)


Nancy said...

Panic... defined as, "The state that Chris sends us into when he does the same." (ha ha) Hey you guys, thank God that the results from the BMA were good. I've been thinking about you ever since your last call and blog. I'm so glad it wasn't the bad "L" word. Congrats... enjoy your weekend!!! love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

thank god! i'm sorry there was such a horrible scare... with all the good news, this really put me off. keep up the exercise and good faith. it has taken you this far, there's no reason it won't take you all the way.
- paige

amy t. said...

Amen Nancy!

Kacie said...

Great news, guys! So sorry you have had to endure this scare, but I'm so happy for the good news!