Friday, July 27, 2007


Day +58 (D 196)

I am sitting in the BMA clinic on the 7th floor at MDA. Today I am very nearly heartbroken and feel helpless.

Our CBCs from clinic today confirmed that Ann needed to get a bone marrow aspiration so that the presence of leukemic cells could be confirmed or ruled out.

The blast cells measured in Ann's peripheral blood rose from 2% to 3%. While this is not a terribly large increase it does beg the question as to why the little bastards are there at all.

This is in spite of Ann's platelets and red blood cells continuing to rise.

The possible scenarios that I outlined in a previous post that could have lead to the presence of blast cells have all been ruled out and discounted by the transplant specialists.

They believe there are only two conditions under which blast cells would be present in any volume in peripheral blood. The first is due to marrow regeneration and the second is the presence of leukemia.

MDA says that they will try to get the preliminary results of the marrow aspiration to us by the end of the day. The doctor did note that a similar thing happened to another patient and resolved itself ...

What does this mean? Is it a relapse or a just a minor complication?

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