Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My turn

Day +48 (Day 186)

Today was refreshingly short. My doctor saw me today, since he was going on vacation and wouldn't be in for Friday. He had nothing new to report and neither did I. No rashes, no nausea, no other fun and noisy bodily functions. My numbers continue to be good, but my red blood cell count did fall. We expected this and so did the advance practice nurse. Without further ado, here they are:

Red Blood Cells 2.86 (4.00-5.50)
Hemoglobin 9.3 (12.0-16.0)
White Blood Cells 7.4 (4.0-11.0)
Platelets 163 (140-440)
Absolute Neutrophil Count 5.55 (1.70-7.30)

I had a slight reaction to some IV medicine today. I get it every two weeks to help prevent pneumonia. It's never bothered me before, but today, it gave me an off and on stomach ache which made me late for physical therapy. I had to cram in two hours of exercise into forty-five minutes. Not fun. I must admit that I do feel better with all of the exercising. The only thing that I have to complain about is that I continue to retain fluid. The doctor thinks that I'm also putting on weight. He was a little embarrassed about introducing the topic. The weight just settles around my middle, which is frustrating. Clothes don't fit and I constantly feel uncomfortable. C'est la vie.

No more clinic visits until Friday. It'll be nice to get to sleep until 8. I can't believe I almost forgot. They reduced the amount of magnesium I'm getting intravenously. Slowly but surely, I'm being weaned off. I can't wait to be free of IV bags and the CVC. That's it for tonight. Sleep tight, everyone.

On a personal note: Dr. Cyndi, I got to see the pictures. The girls are so beautiful. I can't believe how fast they're growing up. Thanks for sending them. :)


Carilou said...

It must drive you crazy to share all your personal info like this. So I'm going to take some of the pressure of you.
My cholesterol is 226 which is high.
How's that for a start?

Joe Ba-Hoe said...

By coincidence, I saw Dr. Cyndi today -- she's my dentist, too. We talked a little bit about you. She's a really nice person. :)

-- Joe

Mabyn Shingleton said...

I had to go to the t-area many times today. I think it is because I am so old. Now that is personal information. Yes, we are ready to see you again. :)