Sunday, April 4, 2010

Garden pictures...sort of

Here are some pictures from last weekend's gardening adventure for all of my patient friends.

Come here often?

I never thought I'd run out of impatiens. I think they were multiplying when I wasn't looking.

Finally finished planting and mulching. Time for a drink.

Now for a few close-ups:

White azalea in the backyard. This is a remnant of a past homeowner. The bush was being strangled by ivy when we moved in last year. I thought it was dead until it started blooming this week. It's still a very spindly, sickly looking bush, but it's trying and I've resolved to do some research to see if I can nurse it back to health.

I think this is a butterfly bush. Regardless, it's gorgeous in bloom.

Red azalea. There are four bushes dotting the foundation garden in front of the house. They don't look very healthy, so Chris and I have some work to do.

Chris wanted an urn for the front garden so we popped in to our favorite import store and hit the jackpot. The ice princess was a spur of the moment purchase while we were picking up some extra supplies at the home improvement store.

Baby hosta putting up new growth. I have a small hosta obsession. It's the only plant that I have any luck with.

One of the many coleus plants Chris put in.

The impatiens are thriving. I can't wait for them to start spreading out.

My sweet husband trying to control the weed population.


Lisa Adams said...

I have been patient waiting for your impatiens... it was worth it!! Great pics, great work, and that picture of you on top with the baseball cap is my favorite one of you I've ever seen. I just LOVE it. I might have to make a contact for you in my computer so I can use that as your avatar for it.

I hope you won't pay the price too heavily from the sun, Ann...

Wiley said...

You look great in your gardening photos! Keep up the good work. Now that we have a place, we've gotten very fond of gardening. There's something about tending your own little plot of soil that is very special indeed! Although, I haven't mastered Impatiens yet.

K said...


That white bush is called "Bridal Wreath." It's beautiful, isn't it?

Glad to see you are doing well, I have followed your blog since the beginning and check in from time to time. Also glad to see you guys are beautifying our neighborhood, yep I live there too!

Kelly Schupp