Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To say that the last few days have not been my own would be the ultimate understatement.
It all started Saturday night just before midnight. Squeeze, our eldest cat, began vomiting, which if you've ever had the pleasure of being a cat owner isn't really a big deal. They tend to do it a lot for many different reasons. Then she lurched into the bathroom behind her and defecated. That's not where the cat box resides. Before I can get aggravated I notice that she's leaving a trail of red droplets in her wake. She's approximately 17 and has been suffering from kidney disease for about ten years. On top of this, she's on heart and blood medication which she has to take once a day since she's recently been diagnosed with heart failure and high blood pressure. I adore this cat. She's been with us for almost 14 years and is just now starting to become a lap cat.
Naturally, I freaked out thinking my poor girl was going into renal failure or exhibiting signs of stage four kidney cancer. My mind just went there. I went into automatic mode and started gathering her medicines while Chris put Squeeze in her carrier. We're lucky in that LSU has an excellent small animal vet clinic. I actually have them on speed dial, so you know I've done this before.
By the time we walked into the clinic I was a nervous wreck. Literally. Squeeze just calmly sat in her carrier as if to say, "What's all the fuss about?" She was taken into the back for evaluation while Chris and I tried to pass the time in the empty waiting room. I've been here after midnight before and there are usually one or two worried pet owners in similar situations.
Just under an hour passed before we were ushered into a room to meet the on-call vet who looked dead on his feet. The man probably hadn't slept in close to 24 hours and was now being confronted by a very over anxious pet owner (me) and a man who knows more about blasts and neutrophils than an average person should (Chris). We got the run down on what it could be and what it might be. He explained that he'd have to do x-rays etc. in order to make a more thorough diagnosis and would we like to wait.
So we waited for another hour before being told that one of her kidneys was twice the size it should be and there was definitely blood in her urine. He asked to keep her for observation and got permission to do an ultra-sound in the morning.
She ended up having to stay in the hospital through Monday while various doctors checked her out and put together a treatment plan. I got to pick her up Tuesday morning and talk to the internal medicine specialist. Our dear girl has a cyst on her right kidney the size of an orange. We have a few options open to us for treatment, but because of her age and over-all health they come attached to some very high risks. We asked to have the cyst surgically removed, but the consulting surgeon wants to wait and see. It would appear that the cyst was a secondary finding, i.e. not the reason for the bloody little trail. Squeeze had a urinary tract infection which means that she has 2 more pills to take every day.
She has a follow up appointment next week and we'll go from there. One of her legs was shaved, as was her neck and stomach which is probably the reason for the dirty looks I've been getting since yesterday. I know how she feels.
That catches you up from Saturday to Tuesday. As for today, I was at a home inspection. We found another house late last week and I was loathe to say anything for fear of jinxing myself. The irony is that this it the house that we ditched in order to see the first house that we put an offer on. Go figure. So far so good. There are 2 "major" problems that probably have minor solutions. I'm just hoping that our wanting them fixed doesn't kill the deal. I'll know more tonight when I get a copy of the inspection. Stay tuned for details.
One last thing. I just got a voice mail from my clinical nurse at MDA. My cytogenetics are in and my bone marrow shows no sign of leukemia. W00t!


Susan Carrier said...

I was so sorry to read about Squeeze's ailments. I hope he can live up to his name and "squeeze" out a few more years of life.

Good luck on the house bid!

And a big "WOO HOO" for the clean bone marrow.

Anonymous said...

Poor Squeeze.
I get so upset when I hear about beloved pets going downhill. 17 years is a good cat life but it's still heartbreaking.
Good luck on the house!