Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day +364

On the eve of my first "birthday" by way of 33, I am secure in the knowledge that I know enough to admit that I really don't know anything at all. For each precious day that I am granted I discover something new about myself or someone close to me. They are small things like a new dislike of blueberries or a strange love of peanut butter. Inconsequential out of context, but considering my circumstances, an absolute miracle.

I have been very lucky in the last year and have met some truly amazing people. To all of my transplant buddies: you guys inspire and amaze me every day. You each face your own obstacles with such grace and wit, it looks almost effortless. To my family and friends: I wouldn't be here without every one of you. You've all stood by me and helped me to find the strength and courage to deal with my illness and treatment.

Now on to the non-mushy stuff.

I'd like to say a very big thank you to my real estate agent, Angela Jordan. She's located in Baton Rouge and she's with ERA/Stirling if you're ever in need of her services. This woman has stuck with us through all of our zany medical adventures with an understanding and patience that borders on the biblical. She's handled many anxious moments with aplomb and humor. I've done the real estate thing before and can honestly say that she has made this experience absolutely painless. So shameless plug: If you're buying or selling a home and need an agent, give her a call or contact us and we'll put you through to her.

Infomercial complete.

On to the meat of things. My GvHD is flaring up a little. I have small red rashes on my abdomen and my upper arms. The backs of my knees also itch more than usual. My fingers are all cracking and peeling which is a little unsightly. This is all in addition to my usual symptoms. In a word, I am itchy. I actually scratch in public. Not a coy little brushing of the fingers but full on, unadulterated scratching. It itches that much.

At my last local doctor's visit, Dr. Bienvenu commented that if doctors could install a dial on transplant patients that regulated the type and amount of GvHD that they had, then they'd choose my setting. I have just enough to show that my co-opted immune system is working, but not so much that it interferes with my day to day life. He also said that transplant patients who exhibit a little GvH tend to have the best prognosis. Yay baby stem cells!


Anonymous said...

Ann - I have been following your journey and wanted to wish you a happy first birthday!!! You are an inspiration!

Tina said...

I absolutely can not believe it's already been a year!

So happy. So very, very, very happy.

Wiley said...

Yay baby stem cells, or are they "Toddler stem cells" now? I'm glad that you have just enough GvHD.