Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Belated Update

Day +343

WBC 5.5 K/uL
RBC 4.21 M/uL
HGB 13.3 G/dL
PLT 386 K/uL
ANC 4.09 K/uL

I've got to apologize to all our faithful readers. I really should have updated yesterday, but after starting a new job my system is in a bit of turmoil. After the drive home I'm basically dead tired and it doesn't take much to distract or shut me down.

Ann covered the high points from our trip the other day but I have a little more news to add. We got the preliminary differential count back from MDA on the bone marrow sample and it's good news. There were 0% (zero) blasts detected....Woo Hoo!!! We could'nt have asked for a better result. The cytology tests etcetera will take longer of course, but Dr. Kebrieai is absolutely, glowingly positive.

Doctor Kebriaei also let Ann know that she can now move her visits to MDA back to every three months and we only need to see our local hematologist every month! That little gem of news was so unexpected that it left both of us momentarily speechless. Bombshells are usually bad news after all.

Ann covered almost all of the high-points so I'll end this post by sharing some of the pictures we took at MDA this time around.

The Bone Marrow Aspiration/Flex Clinic

Our favorite cook, Felix cooks Ann a burger at the clinic cafe

First inoculation...ouch that looks like it hurts!

%&^%$@$#$#!!!! It does hurt!!!

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