Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Michelle Needs Your Prayers

Prayer is such a personal and private thing that I have rarely, if ever even spoken about it in public. It takes an unusual and serious situation for me to even consider mentioning it to family members. Unfortunately, something happened today that I feel so strongly about that I feel like I need to bring up the subject.

The beautiful young woman in the picture above is named Michelle. She first contacted me and Ann almost a year ago when Ann was just entering her transplant. She was nothing but supportive and positive, and her kind words went a long way to comfort two very scared people trying to be as brave and positive as they could be.

At the time we first heard from Michelle, she was undergoing treatment for a "favorable" form of Acute Leukemia (AML). "Favorable" in this instance means that a bone marrow transplant was not immediately needed to treat her condition, or to improve her chances. We continued to follow her story on her site, marvelling at her progress as she finished her treatment, began to do normal things like go on a celebratory trip to Spain and then go back to work.

I am very sad to report that we just learned today that Michelle has relapsed and will most likely need to have a bone marrow transplant. In addition, it seems that her doctors have detected a "mass" in her brain that could complicate her treatment.

Please if you can spare a prayer or just a positive thought then please keep Michelle foremost in your mind.

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Anonymous said...

Does Michelle have a blog where we can send her notes of encouragment?
P.S. I'm assuming that Michelle is the tall one in the photo.