Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some Good News...Some Bad

Day +355

WBC 6.6 K/uL
RBC 3.96 M/uL
HGB 12.7 G/dL
PLT 419 K/uL
ANC 5.0 K/uL

Good news and bad news. Good news first...

Today we had our last doctor's visit before Ann's 1 year post transplant anniversary. As you can see from Ann's counts above, the news is good. Ann continues to win her doctor's "best transplant patient I've ever seen..." award. For my part, I can barely believe that we have come so far. Life does seem to be changing remarkably fast now. Less encumbered, it gains momentum and rushes to restore the equilibrium that everyone (me included) took for granted.

It is difficult adapting to a workday world again, but as the doctors and nurses at MDA promised me the white knuckled terror that I lived with everyday for the past year and a half has begun to recede. While I don't feel like I'm 100% yet, it is easier now to go for an hour or two without thinking about Ann getting sick and concentrate on learning my new job. Luckily, I'm now working for a multinational corporation and there is a lot of breathing room.

For her part, Ann has begun to gain more and more independence. She routinely takes the SUV for the day to go house hunting and drops me off at work. A return to LSU to finish out her degree is next on her agenda.

OK, so on to the bad news...

We thought we had found our new home, but the deal officially collapsed today. We made what we thought was a very attractive offer-- the full asking price of the house, contingent on the seller covering our closing costs up to a certain amount. Please keep in mind that the seller has priced the house $3 a square foot higher than comparable houses in the neighborhood. There are no upgraded amenities, a hole in the ceiling of the garage, 3 cracked tiles in the hall, a poorly constructed deck which we'd have to remove, and only a few appliances were slated to stay. The house is also only 6 years old. It's also just been re-zoned as being in a flood zone thanks to FEMA having just completed new flood maps for Baton Rouge. So, we were looking at having to invest in a few things upon moving in.

Unfortunately, the seller countered by actually increasing the final sales price of the house and insisting we have the entirety of our financing completed in three days! I should add that our closing wasn't going to be until the end of June. Then she wanted to continue to live in the property for a few days after closing...rent free from my point of view.

After a few rounds of negotiating with her and her agent Ann and I just threw our hands up and walked away. I feel like we wasted our poor agent's time.

If there is anything the last 350 days has taught us, it is that life is too short to waste on the inconsequential.


Nancy said...

First, the good news is FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations on the overwhelming blood counts!! : ) The bad news, well, isn't that bad in the big scheme of things. ("Life" is the most important thing!) I'm sorry you didn't get the house. Keep looking, I'm sure that you'll find an even better one soon!! Life is good. love, n

Susan C said...

Thrilled to read the great blood counts. I know there's a house out there with your name on it, and I'll bet it's not in the flood zone.

pj said...

House-hunting can be a roller coaster ride but after the one you've been on, it's small fry. That seller was Trouble. You'll find something even better.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the agent's "waste of time". Unfortunately that's the nature of their business so it happens. Think of it as a blessing. A better house is ready and waiting right around the corner.