Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't stick angry

I hate to have to say it, but today's doctor's visit wasn't any better than yesterday's. The waiting room was packed and it more closely resembled an airport terminal than a place full of cancer patients, crying baby and all. We waited for a little over an hour just to get the injection. Chris finally asked one of the receptionists how much longer it would take and as it would turn out they had forgotten to tell the injection nurse that I was there. The same thing happened yesterday. They sent me straight back and I got the impression that the nurse that was going to give me the shot wasn't in the best mood.

She confirmed this for me when she jabbed the needle into my stomach. Ouch! When I was previously getting neupogen, I was always instructed to very slowly dispense the drug to lessen the burning sensation. It actually works. I'm not sure if this nurse was familiar with this fact or if she just didn't care, because she just pressed straight down on the plunger. It definitely burned going in and 8 hours later the site of the injection still stings. When it was time to remove the needle, she just yanked it straight out which caused some bleeding.

After we left the office Chris observed that she had the kind of demeanor associated with health-care workers who have essentially given up. I shudder to think of the other geriatric patients being stuck by this woman. After a life time of accumulating wisdom and taking care of friends and family, the last thing they deserve during cancer treatment is the callousness of this nurse.

Tomorrow, I have to return for yet another shot. If it appears that the same nurse will be injecting me, I'm going to offer to do it to her first, just so she can see what a horrible job she does. I'm betting she refuses. Sincerely, if it is her, I'm going to refuse the shot. I won't cause a scene, I just won't ge manhandled again. My doctor can fire me as a patient, I don't really care. He's got plenty of clients willing to put up with the practice's mismanagement. Don't get me wrong, not everyone is incompetent. I can think of at least three employees who are absolute stand-outs. Unfortunately, they tend to get canceled out by some truly awful individuals. Sigh.

The highest my temperature got up to today was 99.1, so yippee for that. We haven't heard anymore about the little puppy, but I'm really hoping that no news is good news. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for her because it was a really big truck and she's a very small dog.

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Nancy said...

oh my gosh... I remember the chemo shots called Vidaza (My mom, thought it was called Viagra.. lol) which I received in the stomach. The burning and stinging was the worst... especially in such a delicate place. I'm sorry you have to go through this.... . I would ask for a different nurse to deliver the shot tomorrow. It's totally within your rights.

Everybody, hold onto your dogs... somebody else close to me hit a dog today. She was traumatized. Of course, she stopped and the owner and her got it to the vets. We're hoping for the best, but she feels so bad....

Ann, feel better soon. love n