Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 3

Chris here - I need to apologize to everyone.

My head has not been in a good space and I'm sorry. I will try to be better.

We are getting ready to go to clinic and get Ann's drain removed. From there, absent complications we are headed back to home and cats.

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Sarah Carr said...

You really don't need to apologise at all. I hope very much that all went OK with the drain, and you are able to go home very soon.
Love to you both, Sarah XX

Holly Martin said...

You just take care of yourself and your need to apologize, you feel the way you you feel and you should express it. I am humbled by you and Anne for your honesty and for sharing your story with us.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize, Chris. It's ok to say what you feel. Everything you feel and say is totally understandable. Take good care. Melinda

Anonymous said...

First mr. gregory I want to say that I'm honored that you shared this blog with me. Mrs Gregory you are an exceptionally strong woman! I was so saddened reading some of the blogs; the pain you've endured, the mental stress etc! Seeing you at Walgreens is a pleasure to the whole team. You are a breath of fresh air, the epitome of kindness and patience. We all talk about how ABSOLUTELY STUNNING you look. Short hair, don't care; you rock it!! Im holding you in prayer babe ! I'm here if you need anything! After all you are WALGREENS VIP!!! Whatever you or mr Gregory needs we got you! I love you!!!!!! Veda simmons!!

Anonymous said...

I admire you both a lot, much love and strength to you

Secondtimeround said...

I think every spouse or loved one of a person with cancer understands the awful frustration and fear of more cancer, more treatment. I hope you're both back home where you can recover and regroup. I've been reading Ann's blog for years since I learned of her story on the LLS boards. You're both survivors to me.

Wendy said...

No apologies and no explanations necessary, Chris. Only support from your friends who understand. And even what we can't begin to understand, we unconditionally support.

Anonymous said...

I think only the Kellers would believe an apology was needed here. But then, who cares about them?

What I saw was a guy hitting the wall, starkly facing unacceptable news, and then managing to relay a LOT of information to those out here waiting anxiously for it. For those of us not in a daily battle with affliction, we're reminded of how lucky we are, and wish there was something we could do that would help.

I would urge medical equipment ppl to build a helmut that would support facial & neck tissue and keep throat open so ppl like Ann could at least lie back a bit to sleep. Maybe made of cats. Live cats.

Just an idea.