Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Abundance of Caution

When I contacted my local oncologist 2 weeks ago, it was out of an abundance of caution.

When he prescribed antibiotics it was out of an abundance of caution.

When I returned to see my doctor after a week, it was out of compliance. He wanted to see how I'd faired on antibiotics. My throat was no longer red, but I still had small lymph nodes in my neck that were palpable.

For the record: I never had a sore throat. No fever or  cough. Had my doctor not told me that the right side of my throat was red, I never would have known anything was amiss there.

Dr. B. sent me straight in for a CT scan with IV contrast.

The results came in the following day. Inconclusive. Multiple, small nodes were present on the right side of my neck. My doctor scheduled a biopsy for Friday.

The radiologist performing the biopsy had a few problems getting samples from my nodes. The needle kept getting lost on the ultrasound screen, so he had to try a variety of larger gauges. The node he was after was 2 cm down in my neck, next to my carotid artery. The needles kept bouncing off of the node and sliding sideways.

This procedure is performed with a little lidocaine injected near the biopsy site. It's not the most comfortable experience.

After several attempts, the doctor managed to get some samples. I should know the results by midweek.

In the midst of all of this, I contacted my transplant team at MD Anderson. They've scheduled me for a CT scan on Monday. I'll see my transplant doctor a few hours later. It's a matter of caution. No one is saying it's cancer. Until I've been seen by all the doctors who want to see me, I won't know what we're dealing with.

At this point, it may be a mystery infection that I can't shake, or it could be squamous cell carcinoma. We don't know.


LPC said...

Oh gosh. That's sounds like a miserable procedure. I'll cross my fingers for good news, and be here if it's not.

Thandi said...

I hope that horrible procedure will tell us that it's something benign...Please let it be so...

Mara said...

Good luck sweetie, we're hoping for you.

KathleenRose said...

So frustrating. You are so beautiful and so brave. Sending love! <3

Ronni Gordon said...

How horrible to go through that. I have titled some of my blog posts "testing, testing testing" so I know what that's all about. As you say they are probably being overcautious. Sending good thoughts.

Amy P. said...

You are a trooper. Keep smiling. Thinking of you.