Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spoke too soon

After scrubbing down most of the rooms yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was so pleased with what I was able to accomplish, I gave myself the day off from working out. What takes me an entire day to clean can be done by a normal person in about two hours. I know it will be a while before I'm able to do things in a reasonable amount of time. I'm still trying not to let it bother me. It will resolve itself eventually.

This morning I awoke to a scene that will live on in my mind for the rest of my life. The alarm usually goes off between 4:45 and 5 am. Akiko woke both of us up around 4:30 running from room to room like a crazed rhino high on caffeine and sugar. Chris got out of bed with the intent of rounding her up and trying to get her to settle down only to discover the reason for her episodic behavior. She had managed to be sick in every room of the house. I'm not talking about vomit, either. There was a long trail of soupy mess spanning 5 rooms. It was mostly concentrated in the kitchen on the floors and strangely enough, on some of the cabinets. It was all over the living room, behind furniture and on the cream colored area rug.

Poor Akiko was huddled on a window sill in the dining room looking absolutely miserable. I think a normal person would have blown a fuse when confronted with the sheer scope of stinky mess. I just kept wondering how such a tiny cat could have manufactured so much slimy evil. She looked so pitiful curled up in the window, I could only imagine how badly she felt.

Chris cleaned up the mess, asking me to go behind him to be sure that he'd gotten everything. It was so bad he had to get on his hands and knees to scrub the floors before being able to mop. Thankfully, we have a carpet shampooer which will be employed later once the spot treatment dries out a little.

We dropped Akiko off at the vet once they opened. She'll be treated and boarded until the doctor can get her infection under control. I'm guessing the first round of treatment didn't eradicate the coccidia. Since she wasn't able to control her bowels, we thought it would be best for her to stay with the vet since I can't physically handle her mess.

I literally just got off of the phone with the vet. He called to give us a status on Akiko. She's still having tummy trouble and Dr. H. won't be able to confirm that it's coccidia until the lab returns results on her latest sample. He'll call me tomorrow as soon as he knows. I suspect that it is. She's getting a little something to help with the diarrhea in the meantime. Poor girl.

So there you have it. You dropped in to read about life and BMT's only to be hijacked by a sick kitty. More sick kitty news tomorrow, I promise.


LacubriousOne said...

Hope your kitty feels better soon!

Nancy said...

Seriously??? Ann, OMG! If you lived closer, I would pick you up and make you stay with me until the cat is clear of any illness.

I'm sorry that you and Chris had to clean up the mess. I hope your cat feels better very soon. But, please, be careful. I don't want you to get sick and I'm especially concerned since they just increased your dosage of Prograf.

Never a dull moment, eh? Take care & stay well!

Wiley said...

I recognize your more than reasonable concern regarding the possibility of cross-contamination, but (on the other hand) isn't it wonderful just to be able to worry about a sick pet? That's one of those very ordinary concerns that we are glad that you have back in your life. Be well, live the rich and full life tha tyou and Chris so deserve, bask in the love of your spouse, family, and friends and don't handle sick kitty poop. Live life well! You've earned it.