Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy cat update

I spoke to someone from the vet's office yesterday and they informed me that Akiko is over her coccidia infestation. The bad news is that she hasn't cleared the fluke infestation. We thought that one was under control. So all of those nasty trematodes are the reason for her diarrhea. My transplant doctor wants her to remain out of the house until she clears the infection. She's being boarded at the vet's office and I get updates on her once a day.

Etsuko is the happiest that I've seen her in weeks. So much for my theory that she needed a playmate.

I'm still doing fine and driving Chris crazy with a fluctuating temperature. Since the last transplant, my temperature has stayed firmly in the 97.2-98.0 range. Last night it got up to 98.9 and this afternoon it was 98.5. I know that it's fairly normal for my temperature to be in the low range and that other transplant patients have reported low temperatures. The only problem is how do you know when you're actually running a fever? I feel fine and have no symptoms of anything. I wonder if this has something to do with the increased dosage of prograf.


Nancy said...

I have never heard of prograf causing fluctuations in temperature, but anything's possible. I hope it has nothing to do with what's ailing your feline friends. (I know, I'm such a worry wart!)

Glad the transplant doc is erring on the side of caution by recommending Akiko's extended stay at the vets. She'll be home soon enough. In the meantime, take it easy and rest up!

Ronni Gordon said...

I thought they counted a fever as 100.5 or above. Sounds like you are normal despite the small fluctuations. If you feel fine, it's probably best to take your temp maybe just twice a day and then forget about it. It's easier said than done...when I am worried about mine I take it all the time. Don't know if you're doing that or not.