Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For PJ

I spoke to my friend PJ yesterday about her upcoming transplant. This will be number two for her and if any one can sail through the process, I firmly believe that it is her. She commented on how her doctor made a Kafkaesque observation about her resilience, which made me think of the cartoon Home Movies. It's a little bit of light hearted silliness and an homage to Kafka's Metamorphosis.

PJ, I hope it gives you a giggle while you get ready to go into the big house tomorrow. Here's to hoping that the next 100 days sail by quickly and are the most boring days you've ever experienced. Remember, boring is good. We like boring.

So this is for PJ:


Tina said...

my favorite cartoon. i love that you chose this.

PJ said...

Priceless. My transplant doctor says his favorite Kafka is the Hunger Artist--that it sums up poor oral intake after bmt.

Anonymous said...

really sweet and thoughtful Ann!