Monday, June 1, 2009

Tempting fate?

We got a morsel of good news tonight. We may be able to close this week after all. I know I'm probably tempting fate by even writing about this and Chris will be the first to tell you that I've been uber-superstitious about this one. Third time's the charm, and all that.

One final piece of paperwork needs to be amended by a tertiary party and I am ever so hopeful that the person responsible for it takes care of it ASAP. I believe there are two repairs left to do and then a final walk through. Barring anything major, this should be it. I have one thing left to do and I can't do that until the morning.

Now, I'm going to further tempt fate....


susiegb said...

Fingers crossed!!

Samantha MacRae said...


What a gorgeous house! I am so happy that you and Chris are getting back to normal. It will be wonderful to have your own space finally.

All the best.

Sam xx

Nancy said...

What a beauty. Looks like "home" to me!!! And, what a pristine picture. Look at the sky and the color of the trees against the house.

This is it!!! Sending good vibes your way! love ya, n

PJ said...

I love it! Hope all goes as planned.

Ronni Gordon said...

It looks great! Thanks for posting the photo. Hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It looks like our old house on Frankfurt Ave in BR! We loved our 1st house. Good luck on the rest of the unpacking, etc.

Claire - Tiger Fan transplanted to TX!

peezlie said...

I hope you and Chris have many happy years together in your new house, Ann. I'm going to call you guys soon.

K said...

OMG! Chris and Ann, you don't know me but I've been following your blog since almost the very beginning (back when it was still linked from The Advocate).

I just wanted to say that I'm SO happy for you guys finally getting the house. You deserve it so much! And after seeing the picture, I'm 85% sure you guys are my neighbors. Not right next door, but a few streets over.

So tell me, where is this gelato store?!?! Wait, maybe that's not a good idea for MY waistline, either. ;)

Congrats, you guys.

Kelly Lawson
Baton Rouge

Ann said...

Kelly, the gelato store is on Highland, past the Home Depot, but right before Manchac Landing. It's called Latte e Mielle and is so worth it. If I have to suffer eating delicious, empty calories, then I want to take other people down with me. :)