Monday, June 1, 2009

More GvH notes

The GvHD of my skin is starting to spread up into my scalp. I've suspected that something's been going on for a while since my hair is coming back very sparsely. My scalp is very visible through the growth and though I've always had thin, fine hair, this is ridiculous. The bumps that keep appearing on my cheeks and forehead are now visible in my hairline and behave in the same manner. They start out as small swellings, then become itchy, and finally dry out and become flaky. It's attractive in the extreme.

I'm hopeful that my transplant doctor will prescribe a steroid suspension to treat my scalp, instead of wanting to refer me over to the dermatologist. I'd rather start on a treatment sooner, rather than later. Re: I want hair!

My next appointment in Houston is in July, but I do have a local appointment in two weeks. I'll hit the 9 month mark on Saturday and Chris and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on Thursday. We've agreed to no presents in light of the appliances that we'll have to get for the new house, if the deal ever finalizes.

Still haven't closed. We're anxious. The seller is anxious. The mortgage broker dangled a carrot this morning by telling us that we should know something from the underwriters today. I heard that little nugget a few times last week. In fact, the phrase, "closing could happen as early as Wednesday," was bandied about. Not looking likely.

We have an absolute drop dead date that we have to be out of Dixie's house and there is absolutely no wiggle room. If we can't get something definite out of the underwriters this week, then Chris and I will need to start making other plans. I refuse to get stressed by this debacle. I know hundreds of other people are in the same situation as us with trying to get funding. It's just a result of what's happened in the past and the ramifications that it's had on banks and lending institutions. It is what it is and no amount of worrying on my part can change anything. Can you tell that I'm trying to convince myself not to get manic?

I'll post when I know more.


Susan C said...

Ann and Chris, Thinking good thoughts for hair and home! The suspense is making me crazy, so I can only imagine what it's doing to you.

Nancy said...

We are just waiting for the great news. Hoping you'll close escrow SOON! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you both.

Sorry about your gvhd on your scalp. I had to use a zinc based shampoo to get the itching flaking to quiet down. Good ole Head and Shoulders. See if they recommend it at your next appointment.

Keep us posted!!! love ya, n