Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday recap

Last week, I wrote about getting estimates to have a termite treatment applied to the perimeter of the house. In anticipation of having a trench six inches wide dug around the house, Chris and I had to take out the planting strip between the driveway and the house. It had only been in for a few months, so the plants never got a chance to put down deep roots.

I promised Susan that I would post a picture of the garden before we dug it up. Here it is:

And a few close-ups for good measure:

It's hard to see from the pictures, but some of the plants weren't doing very well, while others were flourishing. Curiously, the undersized plants were grouped together in the middle portion of the garden. Some might speculate that conditions were less than perfect. I tend to believe it had something to do with a certain Alsatian and his mixed breed cohort favoring the area with their special attentions. The plants that are struggling were transplanted to one of several pots in the hopes that given a little extra care they will recover. Once the termite treatment has been placed, Chris and I will fill in the planting strip with gravel mulch and relocate the potted plants to the side of the house. The only dog tall enough to threaten the potted plants with a lifted leg is a Great Dane and none of my immediate neighbors has one.

Chris and I put in a new shade garden under two of the Bradford pears in the front yard in order to save the other plants. We'd planned on putting something there next year to spare our neighbors having to look at the sparse and sickly lawn. Our decision to buy insurance against invading termites expedited the matter. Thanks to weather and my inability to tolerate sunlight and heat, it took three days to get everything done. There are a few things left to do and we're planning on adding to the shade bed next year. The grand scheme is a little too grand to tackle this year. I'll add plants in a little at a time as I'm able to.

Here are a few other pictures that I've promised in previous posts:

The urn containing the bullbine and red petunia is positioned on the walkway leading to the front door. The urn with the Spanish lavender and the extra marigolds is outside our backdoor. There were so many plants left over from doing the urns that we put them in under one of the crape myrtles in the front yard. The soil is clay, so the plants are struggling. I suspect they'll be moved to the empty bed dominated by the now shorn sago palm. It doesn't seem to be suffering from our over-zealous attentions and is putting up a cone as we speak. Deep down I was hoping it would give up and fall over. Stupid Jurassic plant.

I have a host of things to get done this week, so this may be the only posting. No worries, I am here and keeping busy with normal things.


Ronni Gordon said...

Your planters look great. I put geraniums in the middle of mine, and they're not tall enough. I think I will move things around and get something like you have in the middle. We'd probably use different things because of different climates. I'll ask at the greenhouse.

Oh, I meant Katie will move things around!

Ann said...

Nice save, Ronni. :) I know you can do lavender, but I think the bullbine might struggle in your neck of the woods.

lisa adams said...

loved the pictures, thanks for posting them. glad you are doing okay and that you were able to get some things done this weekend. I will await your next post!

PJ said...

Yay for normal things!

Wiley said...

How delightful for you to be able to garden. We are delighted to see you have to tacked such ordinary "problems." Keep up the good work!

Susan C said...

Thanks for posting the pics. But what happened to the hostas?!?

Ann said...


One of the hostas was a victim of the neighbor's dogs, the other two were struggling. The light and water conditions were right, but I think the soil was too poor. They've all been relocated to the new flowerbed under the shade trees. They're the centerpiece of the layout. I'm hopeful that they'll really flourish in the new spot. We've had torrential rain since they were planted, which is why I haven't been able to get a good picture. I'll get a closeup as soon as things dry out.