Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For the incomparable Susan and so many fabulous others:

It has been raining and we have a mole infestation, so when conditions improve, I'll go out and get better pictures. I mention the mole because I stepped in a hole earlier and don't care to repeat the experience with soggy ground.


Susan C said...

That's a lovely planting. It's going to be spectacular when it grows in.

Nancy said...

Beautiful flowers and landscape design. Sorry you had to tear out the plants for the termite treatment. Keep up the beautiful landscape work! said...

I love your planting and could really use some help with mine. My new dog, part Great Dane, is doing her best to climb trees in search of squirrels. In the process, the plants around my trees are being trampled beyond recognition.

Hang in there, girlfriend. You are empowered with so much life and strength.

Brenda Coffee