Sunday, February 15, 2009

Home alone...well, kind of

Chris accepted the job in New Jersey, so he left this morning for a week of training at the home office. Then he'll have to find a place for us to live so I can finally make a commitment to one of the many moving companies that call me all day long. Seriously, you call for one quote and you're on these people's hit list forever. The logistics of this whole affair seem a little overwhelming at the moment, but I know people do this everyday, so we'll pull it off, too.

Dixie is in charge of looking after my day to day, but truth be known, there isn't a lot to look after. I just have to remember to take my temperature and report back to Chris. Taking my medicine is an automatic thing and Wii fit stares me in the face everytime I walk through the living room. In a nutshell, that's my entire day.

Since I started using Wii fit more regularly, i.e. at least 3 times a week, I've noticed that I haven't been having problems with my knees. I have developed a new problem with my ankles, but I think it's non-related. I've started getting cramps in my feet and ankles at night. If I don't get up and walk to stretch the muscles, the cramps start to radiate up my legs all the way to my hips. My ankles will lock with my toes pointing inward and it's very difficult for me to get them to move. It's almost as if there's a disconnect between my brain and the muscles that are spasming. It's painful in the sense that it's a charlie horse, but nothing like the pain I was enduring with the nightly knee episodes. I've reported it to my transplant team and they don't seem worried. It's probably just another manifestation of GvHD.

I have an appointment with my local oncologist on Thursday and then appointments in Houston two weeks later. We're hoping to coordinate the move to New Jersey that week. I'll report back on Thursday unless something happens between now and then.


Rooster said...

New Jersey's not so bad my brother-n-law lives there. Of course the winters are a lot colder than down south but you just have to bundle up more. I think that New Jersey has White Castle's :) so that would be a bonus for you. We have a Wii but not the fit part. I have been considering getting one but have not commited. I have been so tired for so long, I can't imagine what it would be like to start exerting what energy I have to exercise. Although I have gotten pudgy to say the least, so at some point I will have to start working out. If the Dr.s are not worried about your leg cramps I would not worry too much. It could be the life comming back into them. Thats what I say whenever my bones get to aching & my muscles cramp up. I am rambeling so I will go. I hope your move is successful & try to post a picture of the new place when you get settled in.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad that Chris accepted the job. Just think, you will so much closer to Tina :) I'm happy that things are looking up for you guys. BTW, I'm very jealous that you have a Wii Fit.....


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on getting ANY job in this economy- what an accomplishment. I am sure it is a little daunting to move with all that you have going on and your connection with your health care team (or maybe I am thinking it would be stressful for me) but you seem to handle everything with grace and a giggle.

I am actually happy to hear you still having some gvhd because I know it is eating up any of those bad cells that might be hiding. Obviously, I never want you in pain or discomfort and ankles/knees are something you use each second of the day.

Keep going with your WiiFIT- you rock!
ps we can compare moustaches soon!

Susan Carrier & said...

NJ will be such a change. Sounds like positive changes are in the works.

Pika said...

I really enjoy that Wii Fit thing. Especially the penguin on the ice floe game. Except, I giggle ridiculously during it. My Mii looks like me and I fill out that penguin suit perfectly.

Good luck with your new endeavor, wishing you both happiness in it.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for awhile and just had to post when I read that you will be moving to NJ. I am from NJ and hope you and Chris will be happy here. And yes, you can get White Castles and you can also get frozen White Castles too!

Miranda said...

Cool, Ann! So glad Chris found a job. I am in north Jersey and would be very glad to help you out if you have questions. I've been happy with my treatment at Hackensack University Medical Center- very good docs there- the two docs are, respectively, from the Hutch and from M.D. Anderson.

Lee said...

I used to live in New Jersey and I've gotta say -- it can be nice! Parts of it are nice, anyway. Parts of it are former landfill. Keep away from those parts.

And, make sure you keep blogging. You have more fans than you realize!!

Anonymous said...

Montclair is a really nice part of N.NJ too;very liberal, artsy kind of town. Wherever you live it will be close by to Miranda and me and so you have two people to help you out and be nearby. We welcome you with open arms. Chris, yes, White Castles abound. Judy

Tina said...

well, you know i am thrilled about this move! just thrilled!