Friday, April 18, 2008

Relay for Life

Day +324

We just got in from the Relay for Life event a little while ago and I'm exhausted. I had so much fun taking in the sites and visiting with Paige, Jordan, and Sharla. Dare I say it? I felt normal. Almost like no one suspected that I'd had cancer. As far as I know, they didn't.

Paige's group set up a jail and for just $2 you could have a friend or loved one arrested. It was up to the prisoner to raise their bail based on a roll of the dice. Chris made a blanket donation with instructions to pick people to arrest at random. It was really hilarious to watch "Sheriff" Jordan blow his whistle and pounce upon unsuspecting victims. I was amazed at how willingly people were hauled in and how much fun it was to watch them solicit their friends for freedom. One poor guy only needed to raise $1 to get out and people were actually paying to keep him in. A total stranger made a donation to insure he didn't get out, and that's in addition to friends paying to keep him incarcerated. Without fail newly released prisoners would donate to have the friends that taunted them arrested. As far as fundraising goes, this idea was genius.

I started getting tired after 2 hours, so we called it a night. Paige, Jordan, and Sharla had committed to staying for the total 12 hours--6pm to 6am. These guys are amazing and I'm just glad to know them.

Sharla, I really hope I'm not spelling your name wrong! :)

Please enjoy the pictures and if there's a Relay for Life being held in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend checking it out. It only costs what you want to donate and it's for a really good cause. Who knows, we may run into each other.

Inmates trying to make "bail"

Sharla, Jordan, Paige, and me

Chris looks on as "Sheriff" Jordan picks his next victim

Paige and me

The "jail"

We donated in memory of a few lost friends

More inmates

What's up with my bangs?

Oops, I loaded this twice

Paige and her cupcake

Some of the other booths

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