Monday, April 7, 2008

Dr. Silapunt just called to give me the biopsy results from my hip punch. Folliculitis. Cheese and crackers, you have to be joking. I got stitches for folliculitis. I'm slowly beginning to believe that my poor donor is going to have a hell of a time when he reaches puberty considering all of the weird skin ailments that I've inherited from him. Okay, so maybe they aren't really weird, but I never had to deal with these things before transplant.

My next doctor's appointment is on tax day and that's local.


Anonymous said...

In a sick way, I was sorta pulling for eczema. I had a friend with eczema and although it looked extremely uncomfortable, as it turns out gold exacerbates it. That was a great excuse for her to have to upgrade to platinum.

Nancy said...

I just looked up this ailment. eww... I'm sorry that you have this... and such a bad case. Hang in there girl! Keep smiling love, n

pj said...

I'm hoping these skin issues resolve when your new immune system finds an equilibrium. I keep hearing about transplant patients with odd issues that are not gvh but are clearly something related to the fact that someone else's blood is running through the body. You're living on the fringe of transplant science. Try mot to fall off the edge.