Friday, April 11, 2008

It's finally not me!

Day +318

For years Chris has been putting off having his wisdom teeth removed, and every year I harass him about it. He's made appointments to have it done time and again and a day or so before the deed is to be done he always manages to find a reason to get out of it. Until now.

His most recent cancellation was last week, the day after my last round of appointments in Houston. The appointment was made the month before and I was convinced that this was going to be the "one". He cancelled it with two days to go.

This Tuesday he started complaining that his jaw hurt. On Wednesday he developed an ear ache. Desperate and in pain Chris called Premier Dental's emergency line hoping to be able to get in to have the offending tooth looked at. Did I mention that it was a wisdom tooth?

Dr. Cyndi squeezed him in on Thursday and the deed was done. He had his wisdom teeth removed from his lower jaw and they were impressive. I know this because I was sitting in a corner sending moral support his way while he was off in la-la land pretending that he wasn't having teeth extracted. Dr. Cyndi is amazing with nervous patients and she certainly worked her mojo on Chris. She managed to get both teeth out intact in less than 45 minutes and after a few stitches Chris was wheeled out to our car with a silly grin on his face. There was a bit of sedation involved and it always makes Chris a little loopy.
He's in a little pain today and his cheeks are a little puffy. I'm hoping that he feels better by Sunday and I'm very secretly pleased that he finally had this done. :)~


Susan Carrier said...

Did Chris put his "impressive" wisdom teeth under his pillow? I wonder what grown ups get from the tooth fairy.

Anonymous said...

Stuart had this done a couple of years back. He was quit funny coming off the drugs but turned into a real baby in recover. I did take the stitches out myself though which was very Dr. Quinnn of me.