Friday, June 6, 2014

Another specialist to round out my set

Yesterday, I added another specialist to my alphabet of doctors. Dr. M. will be overseeing chemotherapy for me. After reviewing my medical history, she's determined that I'm an unique case. I should probably have a shirt made stating the obvious.

At this point, the plan is for me to get a round of chemotherapy for each week of radiation. It seems that I will be having 6 weeks of radiation, so 6 rounds of chemotherapy will compliment that. I'll be allowed to come home on the weekends initially. The doctor guessed maybe the first 3 weeks. After this point, the cumulative effects of chemo and radiation will have caught up to me. I'll probably feel too unwell to travel and in case of emergency, they want me nearby.

I'll see my surgeon on Monday, and hopefully there will be pathology results to share.


Laura Albritton said...

you are unique!!! I've never met anyone one who has inspired me to not give up the way you do. when I am whining about how unfair life is I only have to think of you and your fight, and I realize all my inconveniences are just pebbles hurt like hell sometimes when I step on the them but forgotten about quickly!
I know that you will "kick butt" take names and show this ugly little monster that it may slow you down but it can't defeat you.
Missing your smiling face!!!
Hugs and Prayers!!!

Kacie said...

You and Chris are always in my prayers. You're going to defeat this again and it will just be another notch in your belt of triumphs against cancer. Sending you my love from New Orleans. <3

Ronni Gordon said...

I'll get a unique case T-shirt and we could pose in them together. From being in the hospital a long time, I suggest these must-haves:
A lamp (always bring it with you)
A quilt from home
A few things to put on the walls
A stuffed animal
and something else that I will send you.
What is your address?

LPC said...

Yes, a non-trivial hospital stay. Is there anything we can send, as Ronni says, to make the stay more bearable?

Fiona Parker said...

I've just read your blog from the beginning until now in one go (with breaks of course) as I had only just come across it. Roller coaster is such a clich├ęd term but the ride you have experienced has been relentless and I feel so much for you and Chris and the vast amounts of complications you've had to deal with. Thinking of you and saying a few prayers and that every medical person you deal with in the upcoming months treats you with the love and care you deserve, Fiona x

Laurie Woo said...

Ann, found your blog via Lisa Adams, so I am a stranger, though one who is amazed at your mental stamina! What I want to also say is that I am a tonsil cancer survivor. I completed 36 radiation treatments and 6 chemo treatments 1 time a week in conjunction with that. From reading recent entries, it looks like you are getting radiation to the throat. If that is the case, I personally would advise getting a GI tube placed right now ( before active treatment starts; don't wait til it is " needed") it was a lifesaver for me when my throat became so burned I couldn't force myself to swallow anything but mucous. I never lost my swallow function. And had it removed after 6 months. Even with it, I lost 50 lbs. useful for water hydration, too. Best wishes! Laurie Woo

Katherine C. James said...

Thank you, once again, for your clear update. I join LPC in wondering if there is anything we can do to help with the long time away from home coming up. Sending, as always, love and support. Thinking of you. xo.

Chris-With-A-Cure said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep fighting! You are going to win it again. Always think of you.


Nancy said...

Ann, you can do this. Unique, yes, of course... and definitely tough. Praying for you girl and praying that God will give have his hand on the doctors treating you.

Please let me know if you need anything! I mean it.. anything at all. Sending lots of love your way!

chase rainey said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers! Keep up the fight and let us know if you need anything!

Chase R.

Louis Landry said...

We miss seeing you around here at work. You need to hurry and get better, because I ate the last bag of popcorn you gave me. Just teasing. Get better real soon, and remember that we're all praying for you.