Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Follow-up

We made another trip to Houston on Monday and I saw my Head and Neck surgeon. Dr. G. took a look at the incision on my neck and told me it looked like I was healing well. I still have swelling in my neck and under my chin.

I've been sleeping in an elevated position since the surgery. It makes for a very poor night's sleep. Chris asked Dr. G. if I could sleep without the extra pillows and she agreed. I tried it last night and woke up with extra swelling under my chin. Since the lymph nodes have been removed from the right side of my neck, there's no drainage, hence the swelling. I'll be seeing a specialist in the lymphedema clinic in the next few weeks. The swelling will be a life-long condition, so I need to know how to deal with it so that it doesn't get worse.

Once I've had more time to heal, I'll get scheduled for a radiation simulation. I expect it will take place in 2 weeks or so. As I learn more, I'll post.


Nancy said...

Hi Ann. I'm sorry you are not resting well. I wonder if an anti-gravity bed/chair would help. My friend had neck surgery and she swore by it. They bought it at costco for something like $65. It was meant for outdoors but she kept it in her family room and slept there every night for months. It took the pressure off the neck and surgical sites. She had to sleep with her head very elevated, as well, and this chair achieved it. Also, there is something you could put on your bed called a "wedge." It elevates your head but is more comfy than stacking pillows.

Hang in there. You are doing so well and are such a trooper. I'm in awe of you and Chris! You are my heroes. xoxox

Ronni Gordon said...

I wonder if you are taking advantage of my go-to drug, Ativan. If you find the right dose, maybe just half a milligram, it gets you relaxed enough to sleep but does not leave you hungover like a sleeping pill. And it undercuts anxiety, too. (No I am not a drug rep!)