Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have been poked, prodded, X-rayed, hooked up to electrodes, scanned, examined, and interrogated.

I have also been cleared for surgery.

Dr. G. will attempt to excise the rest of the cancer from my tongue tomorrow. I'm scheduled to check in to the hospital at 12:30.

I had a CT scan on Friday which didn't show any other areas of cancerous tissue. Unfortunately, I have a lot of metal fillings and crowns in my mouth, which can obstruct the scan. It looks like light tracing off of a mirror ball on the computer image. This means there are areas in my mouth that could not be clearly seen. That means that even though the scan was declared to be clean, there may still be something in my mouth.

Dr. G. will use a few diagnostic tools to look for further areas of dysplasia, as well as good old fashioned visual examination. A camera will be fed down into my throat to allow the team to look for any suspicious areas that may not have been obvious on my scans.

Chris will probably update the blog in the next few days to keep you all posted. In the meantime, I'm feeling well and hopeful that surgery will be all that is needed to deal with this newest flavor of cancer.


Judy said...

Ann, I wish you the best, I pray for you, I hold you in my thoughts and heart. BE well. Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Ann: I feel awful I missed any of this. You know I understand all of this do much better now that I work for an oncology diagnostic company. I sell bone marrow testing, molecular testing...all the stuff you talk about. I understand your situation so much better now. I'm sorry you're dealing with this now too. Whatever I can do, please let me know. Xoxo Virginia

stephanie chivers said...

Take care, only my best wishes for you!

Marsha Halperin Epstein said...


My thoughts are with you. You are totally in my prayers. Big, big hugs.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is mainly good news then? As far as having cancer on your tounge could be good news. If you know and are willing to share, could you give the details of the proposed surgery? Like when and exactly what it entails? Also very interesting on the genetic aspect. When Stuart talks about his work I often think about the patients on the other end and how frustrating that must be. That person is Ann Gregory and that bums me out but it makes me glad that there are Scientists all over trying to put these complex puzzles together. In Boston we are wishing you all the best and sending lots of hugs and sloppy toddler kisses which are the best.

KathleenRose said...

<3 U! Sending goodness your way.