Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DNA wins

After a weekend of dealing with constant discomfort and pain, I decided to give my new internal medicine doctor a call.  There is a grinding sensation in my spine and neck.  I've had a low level headache since Thursday, the day after the wreck.  I've been taking things easy and popping muscle relaxers as directed.  Things are not improving.

I was able to get in to see Dr. C.'s nurse practitioner after classes Monday.  It just so happens that they've been trying to reach me since Friday.  The woman working the front desk didn't update my personal info the last time I was there and so they've been calling my old number.  

My cholesterol levels are ridiculously high.  I eat well and am moderately active.  I have a relatively healthy lifestyle all things considered, and yet my cholesterol level weighed in at 263 mg/dL.  The normal range is between 140-200 mg/dL.  My near-vegetarian mother has struggled with her cholesterol since I was a child.  I come by the problem honestly, and so I can't really complain.  Dr. C. has started me on a prescription in the hope that my wayward lipid level can be brought back into line.  Just as an aside, my good cholesterol measured at 58 mg/dL, which is higher than average and a saving grace.  

As for my spine and neck, Dr. C. prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug in addition to the muscle relaxer.  If things haven't improved after two weeks, I have to go back to be reassessed.  The headache is a constant bother and makes concentrating in class a terrible chore.  I'm hopeful that it resolves soon.


Mara said...

Geez Anne you guys never get a break. If you do not feel better right away, especially the headache, please find another doctor or make them send you for an MRI. They need to make sure you didn't throw a disc. Feel better!

stinkerbelle said...

If there is a next time, op to go to the hospital for a thorough assessment. You probably have whiplash and need a week to recover or maybe some therapy. You could go to the ER now and be checked out. I hope it all resolves soon as I know the pain is terrible and exams are looming. Good luck and I'm thinking of you!


Erin said...

Best wishes recovering from the accident and trying to concentrate on classes. What a tough break!

Diana (@livyloorose) said...

Oh Ann, it's high time you caught a break. Sending you a (hug) in hopes that you're pain-free soon. xo

Jim said...

Ann, what a month for you. Sheesh. Agree on catching a break. I think of you guys often and hope you get some pain relief soon. Happy Thanksgiving. Jim

rita n/ said...

just wanted to tell you how much hope your blog has given me. i was diagnosed with CML in Sept. and have been struggling to have a normal-ish life. seeing how you deal with a much more involved disease with grace and dignity helps me realize that i must use grace and dignity in mine!