Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shuffling along

I took my last final of the semester this past Thursday and have spent the last 3 days blissfully doing nothing more intellectual than reading some pulp fiction for a book club I've recently joined. The club was started by a friend from high school and its members all live in different states. We communicate via the internet and I must admit that I've been enjoying their pithiness immensely.

Aside from continued pain from the car accident, my health is good.  I have a checkup in Houston on Wednesday which will include another bone marrow biopsy.  It's routine, so no worries.  Monday, I'm going to see my internist about the issues that I continue to have as a result of the car accident.

After a week of radio silence from the claims adjustor, I started leaving messages for him.  After 2 weeks of staring at my smashed SUV taking up space in the driveway, I vented about the insurance company in question on twitter. Their twitter representative responded with a phone number and a request that I call. I'm glad I did. She worked some magic and my claims adjustor called me the next day. My car went in for repairs 24 hours later. I'm still waiting for reimbursement from them for the cost of having my car towed from the site of the accident back to my house. It's been almost a month and still nothing.

I'll post the results of the MDA visit Thursday or Friday.


LPC said...

Well, at least Twitter is behaving:).

K Blue said...

How frustrating that you are still dealing with the aftermath of the accident on so many levels. I hope that the pain goes away quickly, and that you get your money!

Congratulations on finishing up your semester. Your book club sounds really great.

Keep us updated as you can.

PJ said...

Glad to hear you're done with school and on the mend from your accident. Have a safe trip to Houston.

Nancy said...

I hope Chris is driving you to Houston. I don't think you're suppose to operate a vehicle until 24 hours after a bone marrow biopsy, right? That's what City of Hope's policy is. THey make me sign a document stating that I will not operate a motor vehicle.

I'm sorry that you are having difficulty with your insurance company. I've had a number of incidences over the past two months, mostly, minor comprehensive claims stuff all to the same car, our prius. Our insurance company has been very responsive. I'm sure they are beginning to wonder about me/us. I hope you get your money asap.

I suppose you'll talk to your docs in Houston about the accident. I hope you will be pain-free very very soon Ann.

Enjoy the book club. Take care and say hello to Chris for me. nancy

Stephen Schaunt said...

Took up your final exam and then joined a book club. That's nice. The only thing that doesn't fit in the equation is the car accident. Well, at least you have your car insured to cover for the repair expenses. That's the beauty of car insurance: you can feel at ease knowing that you don't have to shoulder all the expenses.

Stephen Schaunt