Sunday, November 20, 2011

Applied physics

On Wednesday, November 16, I was in a 2 car wreck.  The other driver was making a left turn into oncoming traffic without the right of way.  My SUV smashed into his front passenger side door.  He was at fault and admitted as much.

My car is inoperable.  I am in near constant pain.  I've seen a doctor who prescribed muscle relaxers.  I prefer to avoid painkillers since they're either toxic to my liver or cause me to vomit, which makes everything worse.  I can't get into more detail since the case is far from being resolved.

I'll write more about the accident when I'm free to do so.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving.  May there be too much of everything that is pleasurable.


Marsi White said...

Ann, thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery! Hugs to you, sweet.

Nancy said...

OMG! I'm so sorry Ann. You already have so much on your plate... finals, cancer recovery and now this... I'm hoping for a really miraculous recovery from the accident. People are in too much of a rush! And poor Chris, is also still recovering from his previous accident. I wish you abundant blessings this Thanksgiving weekend. Take care of yourself and giant hugs to both you and Chris... love you guys! n

Ronni Gordon said...

That's awful. As if you needed something else. If you need painkillers to get you over the hump, perhaps taking them with food will keep you from getting nauseated. And then there's always that good old standby Ativan for nausea and extra relaxation.

Hope you feel better soon and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

K Blue said...

Oh honey. That's awful. I am so sorry that This happened and you are still dealing with the aftermath. I hope and pray that the pain goes away quickly and all the "stuff" gets resolved in the best way possible. You have just been through too much...and yet you still leave us with such a sweet Thanksgiving blessing. I hope that you are able to have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving even with all that is going on. {{{hugs}}}