Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One month off steroids

It's been one month since I stopped taking steroids and I can now fully appreciate the difference their disappearance has made. I'm not compelled to continually eat and I'm sleeping through the night. I stopped taking Lasix and Potassium supplements 3 weeks ago. I no longer need to plan my day according to my proximity to a bathroom.

I've lost a kilo (2.2 lbs) since my last check-up at MDA. This is in spite of the fact that I took a month off from the treadmill. My face is thinner. I'm able to climb stairs again. There's a unicorn in the backyard.

Okay, that last sentence isn't true, but there is a vegetable garden and everything in it is still alive. We even have one tiny grape tomato just beginning to take shape. We also have a cut worm infestation bent on destroying our efforts. It's like Green Acres on a very small scale minus Arnold the pig.

Dr. K. had a terrible cold, so she wore a mask and stayed on the other side of the exam room. She told me that my numbers look good and that I don't have to return for another 2 months. Music to my ears. I got to catch up with my APN, Bev, who cracks me up and Katie, a nurse who looked after me during transplant number 2.

In case you're interested, here are the numbers:

WBC: 10.3 (Normal)

RBC: 3.76 (Low)

Hemoglobin: 12.2 (Normal)

Platelets: 379 (Normal)

ANC: 7.5 (High due to the effect of steroids, but coming down.P

My magnesium level is still low, but acceptable. My liver counts are solidly normal. My tacrolimus level is right where the doctor likes it. She said that I might be able to go to a lower dose after my next visit. The rest of my medications remain the same.

Life is good. The cats are good. Chris is good. I can't ask for anything more.


stinkerbelle said...

That's fabulous news Ann! Once again, thank God for normalcy!

juliemangano said...

So nice to hear good news like this! My dad is on Lasix and Potassium supplements, so I have a better understanding of your bathroom issues. ;)

Jody said...

PS. And you're awesome.

I'm thrilled for normalacy. Revel in it. Stomp out worms instead of cancer.

PSS. You were in Houston again and I missed you? Would have driven down for coffee!!


PJ said...

Congrats on all the great news! I can't wait to get off the bloomin' steroids. See my latest post for me as Fat Cheeks.

Chris Alexander said...

Thrilled to read such happy news from one of my favorite Twitter folks! Hoping for more steps forward every single say. xo Chris cay0730

lbw said...

just stumbled across your blog. I don't know you, but I'm so happy for you.

lisa adams said...

love the unicorn in the backyard. and the news. and you.

Tina said...

love hearing good news! xo

Diana @livyloorose said...

Fantastically happy news!!! xoxo

Ronni Gordon said...

So happy to read about this good news!

Nancy said...

Great news all the way around. Great numbers... still have platelet envy... So glad you got to meet Dori. We all have a bond Ann. So happy you were there for Dori and I wish her all the best.

I just started with my 10K steps per day last week. Was so sidelined the first quarter of 2011. If you want, I can email the link to the spreadsheet that we post to. It'll be fun to watch your progress there, as well as follow your blog. It might be fun to get many post-transplant patients on this walking program. All you need is a pair of shoes and a pedometer.

Take care and let me know if you'd like the link.

love you lots,

lbw said...

glad to hear you are doing so well!

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