Friday, February 25, 2011

Monthly visit with my local

I saw my local hematologist/oncologist last Friday. All is well. I don't have any numbers to post because I didn't see them. Chris was with me and had a look at the computer while we waited. According to him, my white blood cell count is 12 k/ul. That's down from 2 weeks ago and technically, the high end of normal.

Dr. B. said all of my numbers are normal and joked about my medication list looking like it belonged to a little old lady. It really does. I'm still on quite a few drugs.

My hair continues to fall out. It's gotten to the point that I can't cover the thinness with a well placed comb-over. I saw my stylist, Lydia yesterday and artist that she is, she cut it in such a way that there is the illusion of volume. I adore her.

Dr. B. thinks the thinning hair may be due to GvHD. My transplant doctor speculated that it was GvHD as well. I've been using a steroid topical solution on my scalp and have noticed that I'm not losing as much hair. I won't be able to see any new growth for 23 days. Until then, I'll continue in my quest for a certain real estate tycoon's comb-over secrets.

Chris's broken arm continues to heal. He has another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks. He's getting more range of motion back, and able to do more for himself. Next week, he wants to try driving. I'm not so sure.


Anonymous said...

Love the recent posts. Two major comments: Some hair, no hair, wig? Nothing deters from the depth of your beauty, and I'll concur. A good hair stylist? Now, THERE'S a gift!

Wen Ü

LPC said...

Yay for continued good news.

Jim said...

Maybe Chris could continue rehab with some Trump comb-overs, before driving. ;)

Glad you're doing well, Ann.

Nancy said...

I'm sorry your hair is continuing to fall out. Somebody recommended a hair growth product called Nioxin to me post-transplant, but I never used it. BUt, if it's gvhd, it probably wouldn't help anyways. Glad you are getting some results from the steroid solution.

Sounds like your counts are fine. So happy to hear it! I still have my wig, shall I mail it to you? It's a short hairstyle with highlights? interested? let me know.

love ya,

Jessie said...

There is a product called Ovation that my in-laws gave me (recommended by a friend of theirs post-chemo). I use it but don't know how well it works since this is my first regrowth. It does make my hair very soft though!