Thursday, February 10, 2011

For once, it's not me

Chris and I spent the better part of last night at the after-hours clinic in Pairieville. For once, I wasn't the patient. Chris slipped while walking through the living room and fell on his right side, taking most of the impact in his arm and shoulder.

X-rays revealed a longitudinal fracture of the right radius. The clinic nurse wrapped his arm in a splint and gave Chris orders to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon today.

His mom was a total all-star and took time off from work to bring him to his appointment while I was in class.

The doctor informed Chris that the bone in his right forearm had been crushed, but probably wouldn't require surgery. He has to wear a hard splint for several weeks and follow up with physical therapy.

Right now, he's miserable and in pain and unable to work since any rotating motion in his wrist causes the bone fragments to pull apart.

I'll keep every one posted on any new developments.

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