Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cautiously Optimistic

Thursday, it became obvious to me that my liver was indeed swollen. My abdomen was a bit distended on the right side and I could feel the organ pushing against my lower rib cage. Sitting became mildly uncomfortable as it felt like something that shouldn't have been bending was getting folded. Since I had to sit through classes on Thursday and Friday, I compensated by fidgeting in my seat.

By Friday night, I could see that the swelling was starting to recede. My abdomen is still slightly swollen and I can still feel the offending organ pushing against my rib cage. As for my lungs, I hadn't noticed that my capacity was diminished in the first place and I still can't detect a difference.

Monday is going to be a marathon of a day for me. I've got two classes in the morning and a make-up exam at 10:30. As soon as I finish the test, I have to hustle across town to have blood work done. I'll have my fingers crossed that traffic will be light and the line to get stuck by a phlebotomist will be short. As soon as that's over, I'll have just enough time to get back to campus for my last class of the day. Part two of the statics exam is Tuesday, so no sleep for me.

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