Sunday, September 12, 2010


Physically going back to school has been an adjustment. No surprise there, but it's been challenging in a few ways that I hadn't fully considered when I made the decision to try my luck. I expected to be tired from the physical act of walking on campus with an over-sized bag strapped to my back. I suspected my skin would take a beating from the increased sun exposure.

The thing I didn't count on was allergies. The bulk of my classes take place in a building that was formerly dominated by the business school, but is now being transitioned over to the school of engineering. The business school is getting a brand new building next door in what was formerly a commuter parking lot. Anybody making the connection, yet?

There's major construction a few feet from where I walk five days a week. This means a constant parade of heavy equipment stirring up dust and shaking the many oak trees that line the sidewalk. ALLERGIES!

Chris tells me that I've been coughing in my sleep. I'm not surprised with all of the environmental particles I've been inhaling during the day. Let's not forget all of the chalk dust in the classrooms and whatever else lurks in the seat cushions of the stadium seats. I'm hopeful that my system will adjust and not be overwhelmed. The last thing I want is to end up in the hospital with a respiratory infection.

Classes have been going well. For those that are interested, I'm taking: management, highway construction, structures and mechanics (engineering/physics), construction business administration, engineering economy (finance). Yes, I have lost my mind. I had to take most of the technical classes this semester since they're on the critical path of major classes and segue into the next batch of critical classes. If I'd split them between this semester and the next, I would have added an extra year to school.

I have an appointment in Houston for my 2 year check-up in a few weeks. I'll have a bone marrow biopsy/aspiration and see my transplant doctor. Coincidentally, I have a management exam and an ethics paper due on the same day. The first part of a structures exam is also scheduled for the next day. As an aside, if an exam has to be scheduled to take place during two consecutive class periods, shouldn't that be an indication to the professor that there's too much material on the test? Can't forget to mention the first half of a business plan due the same week.

Chris suggested I reschedule the appointment in Houston. I should have from a logistics stand-point, but emotionally, I couldn't do it. I'd rather take a slew of make-up exams and turn the paper in early. I need to follow through with the MDA appointment for my peace of mind. The test to determine minimal residual disease takes weeks to return a result and I'd rather have the results sooner rather than later.

I'll pop in next week to let you all know I'm still lurking.


lisa adams said...

It's official: you are superwoman! Or crazy. Or both. That is such a heavy schedule, I am cheering you every step and nervously will tap my foot and wait for your MDA news when it comes.

Susan C said...

Yikes! As Lisa says, that's one heavy schedule. Cheering and tapping along with Lisa.