Tuesday, November 10, 2009


An acute pain on my right side woke me up around 4am on Sunday. It felt very much like the same pain that was diagnosed in August and September, so I went back to sleep and thought nothing more of it. When I finally got up that day, I took 2 aleve thinking it was the same inflammation that had led to the partially collapsed lung. By midmorning, my entire abdomen was swollen.

The acute pain was more severe and I was loathe to move around because of the discomfort. By that night, it was painful to lie down, so I slept sitting up, thinking that things would resolve in the morning. By Monday morning, it was painful to stand due to the abdominal swelling.

Chris took me to the ER where I had x-rays and a CT scan as well as blood work. My white blood cell count was 10.9 which sent me into a moderate panic. All of my other numbers were normal for me with only one liver function test coming back slightly elevated. Normally, I return with 3 on the high side, so I guess this was a plus. The ER doctor didn't think anything looked amiss and chalked the high WBC up to being a response to the acute pain I was feeling.

The x-rays and CT scan showed nothing nefarious. There was a large deposit of material in my right transverse colon which was exactly where the most acute pain could be found. It would seem that my digestive system had stopped functioning normally, again. I was given an injection of anti-inflammatory meds via my IV line just in case there was any pleurisy and sent home with instructions to get plenty of fluids and take a few over the counter meds.

The acute pain has subsided and the swelling of my abdomen has lessened The muscles are all sore from being stretched for the last few days. I plan on staying close to home for the next few days. With transplants, if it's not one strange thing, it's another.


Nancy said...

Ann, I'm sorry you are in pain and having these "strange things" happening to you. Staying close to home is a great idea. I hope you feel better very soon. Love ya, n

PJ said...

My blood pressure rose as I read about your most recent medical misadventure. Glad you're getting better

Jim said...

No fun, AG. Hang in there. One step back, two steps forward ...

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting! I think we are all medical mysteries of some sorts post transplant!

I am happy you are not in any more pain!

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad things are calming down. Yes, unfortunately these odd things keep popping up post-transplant. They fall under the category, "who knew?" When it's not leukemia, we can have a BIG sigh of relief.