Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-turkey day

The turkey has been brining since Monday, the sweet potato pie and corn pudding have been baked. The veggies for the dressing have been chopped and sauteed. The rolls have been formed and are being held in the fridge. There's just a handful of things left to do which should make for a relaxing day tomorrow.

I'll post a recap tomorrow night. Until then, I hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving has a wonderful day full of blessings. For those who don't celebrate, the same hope still applies.

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PJ said...

You are super-organized! I still have to bake the apple pie, which I've at least made the crust for. I'm sitting here bleary-eyed working on timing. A small oven means I have to practically use calculus to work out the schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Chris!