Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still here

Our house guest to be became ill, so he couldn't make it down for a visit. Chris and I are hoping he feels better soon.

The only drama this week is cat related, so I'll spare you the gory details. Akiko has proven to be an interesting addition to the family and has managed to spend more time at the vet's office than she has here in the two short months since we adopted her. For the curious, it had nothing to do with her previous infections and surprised the vet during a routine operation. That's my girl, always keep them guessing. After two early morning visits to the vet in the last two days, she's home and acting like nothing happened.

I'm plodding along taking it easy and trying to avoid catching the flu that seems to be laying everyone low. My next doctor's appointment is with my dentist and then I'm off to Houston the day after that to have my one year post transplant check-up. No worries here.


Tina said...

ONE YEAR post-transplant!!! wow.

Anonymous said...

ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!! SUPA STAH!!!!!!!!!