Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I received a call from Dr. Arora at MDA today about my biopsy results. I'm clean. She said that it was just a mildly irregular mole and that most of the population at large has one. Once I have my stitches removed I won't have to have any further treatment. Hooray! As an aside, I have to say that this group of doctors are among some of the nicest that I've ever known. After the last year I feel qualified to make that kind of assessment.

I am experiencing a new flare-up of my GvHD. This time it's a head to toe kind of thing. My skin is starting to get that papery, thin feel in spots and there are noticeable spots of chicken skin. My hands are pretty constantly itchy and the ever present rash has gotten a little worse. Also, the rash has appeared on the tops of my feet. Just yesterday I was joking about how horrible it would be if it spread to that particular spot. Today, I plan to joke a lot about winning the power ball drawing.

There you have it. Another bunch of quiet days.

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pj said...

Good news about the biopsy. May you have many more quiet days (and not too much itching).