Saturday, January 19, 2008

Band New Dew

Day +233

By popular is Ann's new haircut! Ta-Da!

OK so I have forgotten if Ann told everyone that our weekly checkups have been changed to bi-monthly checkups. Ann couldn't be more thrilled, but I have to confess more than a bit of anxiety over missing all those numbers and results. They were reassuring more than anything else, and I have to keep reminding myself that "normal" is walking around with no available test results at all. With that in mind here is the latest CBC:

WBC 5.0 K/uL

RBC 4.02 M/uL

HGB 13.0 G/dL

PLT 390 K/uL

ANC 3.7 K/uL

Ann has recently developed a craving for peanut-butter. No particular brand, Skippy, Jiff, Peter Pan, it doesn't matter, but barely does a day go by that she has not been caught sneaking spoonfuls from the bottle. Odd behavior considering that before the transplant Ann couldn't stand the stuff and had often expressed outright disgust at the idea of the lowly PBJ sandwich. Now she is addicted.

Why the change? I think the baby stem cells are fueling the peanut-butter madness. Which gives us another clue about the little boy that was attached to DUC 8676. He is Asian (or part Asian) loves peanut-butter and based on the amount of platelets his body makes, will someday work as a stunt man. I for one can't wait to meet him and his family in person.

As an aside, life took another small step toward normal this week as I managed to go and see a movie without checking up on Ann every half hour. I'm not an obsessed Kaiju fan, but I do appreciate a good monster film. So when a friend offered to take me to see Cloverfield, I didn't need much convincing after Ann assured me she would be OK without me. Oddly enough the most terrifying thing wasn't the movie, but the enormous crowd of people I had to be around just to get a ticket.

MDA teaches you quickly to develop an almost pathological aversion to crowds of any number. You try to keep a three foot radius between you and everyone else. Just getting on an elevator with six or seven people leads to furtive glances at all my fellow passengers, as I try to evaluate who is most likely to have some communicable disease that could easily be passed to me or Ann. Silly behavior I know, but excusable considering the circumstances.

Imagine trying to keep a three foot radius between you and everyone else trying to get a ticket to a rapidly selling out movie on opening night! Yipes! I almost adopted acting like I was crazy so people would give me some space. What I should have done is brought one of Ann's clinic masks with me. You would not believe the berth people give you when you pop one of those on. Of course you have to endure people assuming you have TB, but that could be a net positive.

Having managed to navigate the crowds my friend and I collected our tickets and found some relatively isolated seats (at my request) and sat down to enjoy the show. Overall, it wasn't bad. Certainly not the typical monster movie fair, as it inverted the typical Godzillaesqe story/plot line. I was distracted for the better part of an hour and only thought to check my cell phone once for any possible emergency messages from Ann. Apart from feeling guilty at being able to enjoy myself while Ann was stuck at home, I was grateful that she didn't need me either.


pj said...

Ann, you look mahvelous darling

Susan Carrier said...

Cute and chic haircut.

Fabulous CBC numbers.

Funny peanut butter stories.

Way to go!

Susan Carrier said...

PS Don't know how much Chris is joking about the cord-blood babies, but is one really Asian? How much information comes with the cords?

Nancy said...

Once again, your counts ROCK BABY! Your hair looks adorable. Glad Chris got to see a movie... glad that Ann stayed put. I know what you mean about the crowds. I find myself sneering at anyone coughing in public. I stay away from anyone that doesn't look healthy and definitely take the long way around or at least cover my nose and mouth when someone coughs or sneezes in my path. Crazy, huh? (especially since I'm 20 months post-transplant.) Better safe than sorry.... I still don't shop during busy hours (weekends and after working hours) and avoid crowds most of the time. It's just not worth it! Take Care... n

Paige said...

Glad everything's going well, guys. Love the do!

Anonymous said...

You Look Great Ann!!! :) lisa

Carilou said...

Very chic.
Very Demi Moore in Ghost.

Mabyn Shingleton said...

adorable. Mine is as short as yours! :)