Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby's first...

Day +229

I got my first haircut! Dixie joked that we should have saved a lock of hair to commemorate the occasion. I no longer look like a deranged mental patient who couldn't quite decide on whether to go curly or straight. The sight of me first thing in the morning is even better. I've started sleeping on my stomach for the first time since I was last an infant and it causes all of the hair up top to frizz out and stand up. A bit reminiscent of an angry fraggle. I would like to think that I am stylishly chic with my adorably short chemo perm. Pictures will follow.

This simple event made me feel more like a normal human being. As a super special bonus, I got to see a good friend who also had a rough year. We got to gab and compare notes and to be quite frank, it was just nice to give her a hug. She performed a small miracle with my hair and I am grateful. Chris managed to sweet talk her into cutting his hair, too. It's hard to resist those pretty blue eyes.

The peanut butter obsession continues. Tonight I made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Deadly. I had two and I think I might need the rest of the week to recover. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of the rest without gaining another ten pounds. Seriously, I've almost gained back all of the weight that I lost while fighting PTLD.

It's been two weeks since I stopped taking Prograf and I've had a few GvHD flare-ups. The skin on my hands is very sensitive and itchy. It's also peeling and spotted with small rashes. I try to stay moisturized and have been applying steroid cream daily. Hair has started to fall out on various parts of the body and my scalp is starting to scale again. The new immune system definitely has mixed feelings about my skin. I'll see the dermatologist at MDA late next week and I'm hopeful that she'll have a game plan to alleviate the discomfort. In the mean time I have an appointment with the local oncologist for the regular blood tests.

Chris is giving me the "it's past your bed-time look" so I'll end things here. :)


Susan Carrier said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the new 'do!!

(Loved your "before" description of the deranged mental patient.)

pj said...

I think I have the same hairdo, and it's definitely somebody else's.

carilou said...

must post photos pronto.

from all angles.

with various facial expressions and makeup fashions.