Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inching along

Friends, I am still here and I have not abandoned the blog. Those who've been following along might remember the car accident from November. I only just got my car back from the body shop after 3 months of back and forth with the other driver's insurance company. The body shop was great and would contact me once a week to let me know what was going on with the car repairs. The individuals who were handling the property damage claim were slow to authorize repairs. The body shop couldn't proceed without approval. It was a vicious loop that held my car and myself hostage for 3 months.

I am still suffering with injuries sustained in the wreck. The case is still open and I am being represented by an attorney. I haven't blogged about my treatment because I've felt uncomfortable doing so given the circumstances. I am under the care of a fantastic internist and have been attending physical therapy. I can't comfortably write much more.

As for school, midterms are upon me, and my semester long group project continues.

There is another marathon visit to MD Anderson on the horizon. I'll be seeing the cardiopulmonary team about the GvHD affecting my lungs. I'm still on inhaled steroids and continue to carry a rescue inhaler. I suspect that a complete pulmonary function test will reveal no change in my breathing situation.

I'll update the blog in 2 weeks after my visit.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Good to hear from you, and sorry about the long wait for your car and of course about your continued need for treatment.

You must be in pain, and there you are getting to school and getting your work done.

You are amazing!