Monday, August 8, 2011


Little by little, I'm learning that I'm no longer programmed to deal with the regular stresses that confront people every day. Throw some medical drama my way and I flip over to automatic and cruise on through it. I've been handling extraordinary medical situations for too long.

The only drama I'm currently facing is of the generic variety. My financial aid package is in limbo.

I have seven classes left to take at LSU. Five of them are to complete my degree in Construction Management. Two of the classes round out a minor in Business. I'm currently working on two of theses courses via the distance learning program.

What I'm hoping to remember as my last fall semester begins in less than 2 weeks and my status is in a bit of limbo since my financial aid package is under review. Last year, I wasn't able to complete enough hours to satisfy aid requirements. I was only able to complete six hours each semester thanks to GvHD of the liver and lungs. If I'm going to be honest about it, I shouldn't have been able to finish that many. Sheer stubbornness on my part and the understanding of some amazing professors got me through.

And so now I wait. I put my appeal package in the mail yesterday. I will resist the urge to call the poor beleagured employees of the department of financial aid every twenty minutes. I will continue to work on my independent study lessons. I will systematically chew off every one of my finger nails. I will stress out over this very mundane thing that I know will be resolved and all the while, I will not be thinking about cancer. I suppose it's the small victories that matter most.


lisa adams said...

Fingers crossed! Wish I could take the doubt away for you... you have worked so hard to get this degree. I hope we will be celebrating its completion soon. Your tenacity is unmatched.

Marsi White said...

Only 7 more classes! Thinking positive that all will work out. It will, I just know. Hugs!

LacubriousOne said...

Everything will be ok! You mentioned that you are on thyroid meds...are you on T4 only? I have been able to deal with stress SO MUCH better since I added T3 to my regimen. I take it twice a day. Google Mary Shomon...she is a patient advocate on thyroid issues and posts a lot of great info.

Ann said...

K, I'm only on T4. Thanks for the tip on Mary Shomon.