Saturday, January 29, 2011

Catching up

The month of January has been populated by pseud-minor house related calamities. I haven't blogged about them because it's been such an effort to get the issues resolved. After a month of waiting for estimates from various contractors and then dealing with some of their crazy personalities after receiving said estimates, we settled on a larger local outfit. It was 2 weeks before there was an opening in their schedule in order to fix our chimney. It rained something like 10 of the 14 days while we waited.

The chimney is now fixed and they did a fantastic job. Then the over-the-range microwave had a complete meltdown while I was reheating something. It made the kind of noise you'd expect to hear while watching a really bad 1950's sci-fi movie about a crazy scientist. Think exploding vacuum tubes. Then there was the smell of ozone.

I lived in the time before microwaves were in every household. I spent the first 10 years of my life blissfully unaware of the supreme convenience of such devices. 7 days without this luxury nearly drove me crazy. I would be doomed if you dropped me in the wilderness.

The new OTR microwave was installed last week. The day it went in, I went out and bought microwave popcorn. Just because I could. Now the range is making a strange clicking noise intermittently. Until the range completely dies, I will deal with it.

Seemingly, all that remains is to paint the ceilings to hide the water stains from this month's adventure. It can wait until spring break.

As for me, the weight is still with me, as is the fluid retention. The 3 days of doubled lasix helped to reduce the swelling in my hands. Since I'm supposed to take it as needed, I decided to skip a day to see what would happen. Misery. The fluid came back with a vengeance. Exercise isn't making a difference and so I've made more adjustments to my diet. They haven't been helping, either. I'm resolved to being patient. I know the weight will come off and things will return to normal in a few months.

On a really bright note, the steroid yuckies seem to be resolving and I feel like a normal human being again. I'm sleeping more soundly and feeling less blah, for lack of a better description. The swelling in my face and neck is slowly resolving and most days it doesn't look like my cheeks are trying to swallow my eyes.

Classes are going well. Because of the materials being studied and the way the professors have structured the classes, I'm guaranteed homework and a quiz in each class every day. I can also count on being called on to answer questions about construction law in Louisiana. It is convoluted and a little crazy. After having taking a construction business administration class, I wondered what compelled people to start their own construction outfits. Now that I'm learning a little something about the laws that govern construction, I'm really curious. The odds seem to be stacked against you from the beginning.

I'll try to get something up on the blog once a week. Because of my schedule, I can't guarantee a certain day. Just know that I am well. Chris is well and the cats still rule the roost.


Ronni Gordon said...

Well, it looks like we had he same microwave problem, except for I couldn't replace mine because it is attached to the oven, so I would have to replace the whole unit. I know what you mean about getting dependent. I bought a small counter top microwave for now. It's totally pathetic, but at least it reheats my coffee.

Glad to hear you're well. I like your attitude about being patient.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update Ann. Glad your chimney is finally fixed. Sorry that the other appliances need attention. Like they say, "if it's not one thing, it's another!"

I'm really glad you are feeling better. Ramping down the steroids is not fun.

With your other New Year coming up in the next week, I wish you great health and even greater happiness.

love, ya n

PJ said...

It's good you don't have much time for blogging. I'm expecting straight A's ...