Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where do I begin?

I have taken the final exam of my marketing class and am happy to be done. In January, when I first decided to attempt this undertaking, I had legitimate concerns regarding my ability. I'd had Hyper C-Vad, modified Hyper C-Vad with L-Asperiganase, Rituxan, intrathecal chemotherapy, and two courses of consolidation chemotherapy. I have had my immune system burned out of my marrow twice. I have had so many drugs and combinations of toxins that I marvel at my ability to function some days.

My doctors warned me that I would have cognitive issues. I would need to learn how to process information differently. I was warned that I would have issues handling stress.

All true.

I've discovered that my academic effort must be tripled in order for me to do an acceptable level of work. By acceptable, I mean "passing". I used to be the kid that could breeze through school with a minimum of effort. Not so much anymore.

I've learned that I need to rely on flashcards and repetitive drills. Chris plays an integral role in all of this. He holds my hand and encourages me to approach problems from multiple angles. It's been largely due to his encouragement that I managed to get through this.

I will begin physically attending classes at LSU on Monday. I'm taking five classes. The very thought of it makes my heart race. The anxiety is building.


Anonymous said...

Ann, we've never met, but I've followed you since a friend was undergoing a battle with leukemia. I'm a graduate student / teaching assistant at UC Berkeley, and I know you know this, but there is no shame in backing waaaay off and doing one or two classes well, rather than allow the stress of 5 classes to overtake you. I've had students have to drop my classes for exactly that reason, and I always think they're making the right call (and all of them are dealing with less than you have).

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Monday! I will be rooting for you!


PJ said...

Because you're aware of your liabilities and will take action to counter them, you'll be heads and shoulders above the youngins who don't know what they don't know. My money's on you, dear.

Susan C said...

I'm bettin' on you too, Ann. Hope you enjoy being a co-ed again!

Ann said...

Thanks, everyone. It's going to be quite the adventure.

Jim said...

One word, Ann: WARRIOR! That said, I like the advice about tapping the brakes if you feel overwhelmed by five classes. Best of luck to you and Chris on the next part of your journey. Love, Jim and Dori

Ronni Gordon said...

Good luck Monday, and ditto what everyone else said. As you know, I can totally relate to what you said about cognitive issues. It's great that you have a plan and the support to help you follow through.