Sunday, July 11, 2010


Chris and I have been home for the last week, and it feels like we've been running nonstop since stepping off of the last plane. I won't bore you with the minutiae of our travels. We were able to see most of my family during the short four days we were in California and it was a very special time that we'll cherish.

My grandmother had a kidney infection, kidney stones, and blood clots. Due to her age, the doctors were hesitant to operate on her. Nonetheless, they did, and I am grateful. She'd been home for less than two weeks when we arrived. It's been six years since I saw her last and we've all been through so much. She's not as mobile as she used to be because of arthritis and has to use a wheel-chair to get around. It hasn't seemed to slow her down.

This trip has given me so much to write about, and yet I'm finding it to be next to impossible to put anything down. Maybe later, when I've had more time to sort through things. Until then, I'll leave you with some pictures.

My Grandmother:

Aunt Kim and my brother, John

John and his wife, Mandie

Aunt Lang, Mandie, John, Aunt Kim, and me

My Aunt Lang hosted two barbecues while we were in California.

My Uncle Toi, Lang's husband, on the far left, and my mother on the far right.

My fabulous grandmother holding court.

Mandie and John

Toi, my cousin Kiet, and his mother, my Aunt: Ma Hai

From the left: My Uncle Tony(Kim's husband), Kim, Lang, and Toi

My cousin Richie, Kim's youngest son

My cousin Brian, his dad and my Uncle Loi, Loi's wife Bonnie

Quite a family resemblance

These last two pictures were taken yesterday in Baton Rouge. Chris and I attended a birthday party for our friend Van's daughter, Rosalyn Grace. I've known Van for years and was able to attend his wedding in 2008, two months before I relapsed. Yesterday, I met Rosalyn Grace for the first time. It was yet another first that I wondered if I'd ever get the chance to experience.
Rosalyn Grace. She's a thousand times cuter in person and has the most soulful brown eyes. It's hard not to fall in love with her.


Susan C said...

So much fun to see all of these pictures of you and your beautiful family.

lisa adams said...

I just LOVE the pictures. You look healthy, radiant. I love your grandmother's face... a lifetime of stories in her eyes. I am so glad you could go, get away, even if you are paying the price now. I can only imagine how much it lifted everyone to see you. I know it would do the same for me. xoxo
p.s. Did I tell you how beautiful you are?? :)

Karen said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for my prayers....

Jim said...

Ann, you look terrific. Love and prayers, Jim

Ronni Gordon said...

Terriic photos! You and your family look great. So nice to have a large, loving family. Glad you got to see them.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous, Ann!

Wen Ü

Daria said...

Those are beautiful pictures ...

PJ said...

Picture's worth a thousand words. Glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself.

twentysomethinggirl said...

Such a beautiful family and your grandmother is so sweet. Were you able to procure some crawfish? :-)

Side note: You look RADIANT in these pics. GvHD ain't got nothing on you.

Nancy said...

Ann, Thank you for sharing photos. A picture's worth a thousand words, for sure! Your grandmother is beautiful. You are beautiful. love you. n

Anonymous said...


It has been way too long since I checked in and up on you. Wow, if a picture says a thousand words one jumps to mind- BEAUTIFUL. I guess happy, healthy and loving are right there with my first choice.

It truly warms my heart to see how normal and full your life is. You have worked so hard to get to where you are. Congrats- you deserve all of this and more.