Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two in one day

I had a late afternoon appointment with my oncologist for a little routine maintenance. By maintenance I mean he was doing my monthly bloodwork. All is well and my numbers are good. I am a little disappointed by my liver enzymes, though. They're just a little elevated over last month. I'm coming to believe that this may be my new normal and that I have low level GvHD of the liver. I have a visit scheduled with MDA next month, so we'll see.

The numbers:

WBC: 7.0 k/ul

RBC: 3.74 M/UL

HGB: 11.8 g/dl

PLT: 285 k/ul

ALC: 1.2 k/ul

ANC: 5.2 k/ul

AEC: 0.5 k/ul

Alk phos: 138 iu/L

AST/SGOT: 60 iu/L

ALT/SGPT 130 iu/L

These days, seeing Dr. B. feels more like a social call than a doctor's appointment. With numbers like these, I'm not complaining and I love his staff, so it's a little treat for me.


Ronni Gordon said...

Great counts. Especially love those platelets. I'm having the same issue with the elevated liver enzymes, hence the higher prednisone. Sigh

Nancy said...

Love those counts! Keep it up. And I love our "Scrabble with Friends" games. You are a great competitor! Plus, it's a good diversion from our daily annoyances! love ya, nance

Anonymous said...

Well...if cancer wasn't going to affect your liver, the college drinking would have. Let's take all this as good news.