Thursday, March 18, 2010

TeamMatthew Blogs

Matthew and Chloe

I hope they won't mind, but I copied TeamMatthew's blog post, hoping to give Matthew and Chloe a boost in votes. I found Matthew's blog through my friend Nancy.
Chloe and Matthew are entered to win a free wedding care of Crate and Barrel and they need your votes! Please take a moment and vote for these two.
Voting closes in 13 days.

TeamMatthew Blogs: Since we had to post-pone our May 23, 2009 wedding, we decided to have a family get together anyways that day, hence our “I Do…” and “I Do Too!” T-shirts.
Third time’s the charm??!! Matt’s finally home from his successful bone marrow transplant, and we’re ready to finally say our I do’s! After 2 unsuccessful tries at this wedding planning stuff, this time we’re ready to go — and hopefully it’ll be FREEEE!! We’re entering a $100,000 wedding give-away on Crate and Barrel’s website — please please please please vote for us!! Just follow a few easy steps:
. click on the link below
2. make sure you see our happy smiling faces :), click on VOTE
3. register on the site with your email address
4. they will email you with a confirmation, so check your email,
5. click on the link in your email and hit VOTE again!
6. Log Out on Crate & Barrel if someone else is going to vote on the same computer
Easy peazy! Takes only a minute, we promise!! Don’t forget to confirm your email address or your vote won’t count!
The contest started on 2/1 so we’re a little behind, so please please please vote, and vote sooooon!! Please please please PASS THIS message to your family, friends, friends of friends, co-workers, anyone — we need all the help we can get!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We’re sooooo excited to finally get married, but we’d be uber excited to do it for FREEE!!
Chloe and Matthew"

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