Friday, March 5, 2010

2 Week Update

Ann says I have to blog today since she is out of ideas, so here goes.

Its been two weeks since I went 'under the knife' so to speak, and things are shaping up pretty well. The first couple of days were pretty rough...recovering from the anesthesia was particularly dicey. However, after lots of bed rest I eventually regained the ability to stand without hurling like a teenager after drinking Vodka for the first time.

It was a bit strange being on the receiving end of care and attention though. After three years it took a little bit of getting used too, and Ann admitted it was pretty strange for her too. I'm sure she will reflect on it here soon. Lucky for me, the love of my life took such great care of me and I'm pretty much back to 100%.

Two days ago I started eating solid food again and I have to say the lap-band works. There is a marked difference between the amount of food I could eat and feel 'full' before the surgery and after. If you step a little out of line and go for that extra bite, it really gets your attention quick. The experience is very a good way.

So after two weeks how much progress have I made? Starting weight 304 Lbs (9.44 Slg * 32.2 Ft/s^2), current weight 294 Lbs. Difference of 3.2%. Not too bad so far.


Susan C said...

Always nice to hear your voice, Chris. Keep up the good work!

Lisa A said...

Congratulations on making a big step toward living a longer, healthier life. I hope you and Ann will have many years together. I am so sorry anesthesia was rough for you. For those of us who need to be anesthetized frequently that would be a big nightmare. I think I take my ability to tolerate it well for granted. Keep up the good work, and know lots of people like me are cheering you on!

PJ said...

Keep up the good work, Chris. Since you're such a good patient, Ann has the time to minister to me long distance.

Nancy said...

HI Ann & Chris! Great Job so far Chris. You basically lost 10 lbs in a very short period. Great progress. Keep up the good work!

Hope all is going well with Ann, too! Love you both! n

Tina said...

Chris, I would love to hear more about your progress. Post a lot. I love reading about it.

And I'm super happy to hear things are going smoothly. (see you soon!)